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Adapter plates for hydraulic hammers for excavators

We can offer all kinds of adapter plates for hydraulic hammers, made for excavators.

Stump removal rakes for excavators

Robust and very efficient tool for stump removal. It is produced sizes 600mm and 1000mm. 

Roadside cleaning bucket for excavators

These buckets are especially designed for maintaining the sides of the roads. Their design allows scraping and collecting of mud, dust and grass, as well as garbage, which often piles on the road sides.

Custom buckets for excavators

This bucket is specially designed for removal of coal dust (or other type of debris), which accumulates under conveyor lines in mines. The bucket is completely made of HARDOX steel, so it can be used for most abrasive materials.

Ballast broom

This ballast broom is specially designed for excavators adapted for railways.This attachment provides easy and cost efficient removal of excessive ballast from railroads. It is made, almost entirely, of HARDOX® steel.